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This self-directed course provides a broad overview of  U.S. immigration law.  It is designed for anyone who wants to understand the immigration system, and does not assume that participants have any legal background.  Each of the seven sections of the course covers a core topic in immigration law, including sources of immigration law, government agencies involved in administering immigration law, and how noncitizens gain and lose immigration status. By the end of the course, which takes about 90 minutes to complete, participants will have a solid grounding in immigration law fundamentals, including types of lawful immigration status and who qualifies for them; obstacles to gaining lawful status; eligibility for U.S. citizenship; and who is authorized to practice immigration law. 

Funded by the Public Welfare Foundation

This self-directed rapid e-learning course is designed to help you learn how to obtain criminal records and understand and interpret those records.  It is designed for attorneys, accredited representatives, and other legal workers and advocates who want to assist clients who have criminal records that may impact on their status in the U.S. or eligibility for immigration benefits.

This 90 minute course covers several topics including: an overview of the Form N-400 and the requirements for naturalization; steps to complete each part of the form and prepare the naturalization application for mailing; and steps in the naturalization process, including preparing for the naturalization interview.  The course is interactive and incorporates text, images, audio, and video along with opportunities for the participant to check his or her progress in the course through quizzes and a final test.