August 1 - September 12

This six-week e-learning course provides the new immigration practitioner with an overview of immigration law concepts and the practice skills necessary to be an effective advocate.

June 29th - July 27th

This four-week training on the grounds of inadmissibility provides an in-depth examination of the most common grounds of inadmissibility.  The training will cover when and to whom inadmissibility applies and the grounds of inadmissibility for unlawful presence and other immigration violations, fraud and false claims to citizenship, smuggling, crimes, and health-based grounds.   While we will touch on the waivers available for some of these grounds, we will not look closely at waivers and how to apply for them; CLINIC’s  e-learning course "Understanding and Preparing Waivers" will cover those.


This four-week course covers the basic components of effective legal case management techniques and strategies. Throughout the course, participants will learn best practices in intake procedures; case acceptance and closure; file maintenance; form creation and improvement; and much more.  Participants will also learn about case management database systems, as well as strategies to create an effective case management policies and procedures manual to optimize program efficiency and minimize risk of liability. This course will be presented by CLINIC’s Capacity Building section staff.

The eight webinars in this series track the entire experience of representing an individual in immigration court. We will cover everything from case analysis at the inception of proceedings to seeking relief from removal, and filing BIA appeals.  The series will also review bond proceedings,  master calendar hearings, motions and other procedural issues,  and ethical issues in immigration court practice. Presenters will include the latest cases, court rules, and other legal developments in each webinar, and will share their practice tips based on years of experience representing individuals in removal proceeding

May 30, 2017 – July 14, 2017

CLINIC's  Comprehensive Overview of Immigration Law  is a six-week  e-learning course  designed to help new advocates understand the fundamentals of immigration law and how the different aspects of immigration law come together.   The course presents an overview of core immigration law information and concepts,  including what immigration law is about, who enforces immigration law, and the different types of legal status available to non-citizens,  and then takes a closer look at specific forms of immigration benefits, and how eligibility is impacted by inadmissibility and deportability issues.    The course also introduces participants  to the critical practice skills necessary to be an effective advocates, including interviewing, legal research and professional responsibility rules and best practices.